Non-Contact Measuring

HE&M Saw’s patented innovations have revolutionized steel fabrication and service center operations and our latest “Non-Contact Measuring System” is yet another example of moving the industry forward. Our new patented measuring system uses two levels of lasers to identify the front edge of material speeding down our powered tabling. The tables automatically slow and engage our barfeed system, which feeds the material the final distance until it touches the 2nd laser.
 The old days of slamming tons of steel against a hard stop are over!

Heavy-Duty Contact Measuring

HE&M Saw builds two types of “Contact-Style” measuring systems for accurate processing of materials. Our heavy-duty contact measuring systems allow steel fabrication and metal center operations to measure longer lengths using a programmable material length positioner to set a solid stop at a specific length and material to be moved down powered tabling until it hits the stop.

Standard-Duty Contact Measuring

For operations that only require a manually set material stop, we offer a standard duty measuring system that can be tightened at a specific point along a measuring tape and raised up or down for use. As with our other contact-style device, material can be run to the stop as a means to measure prior to cutting.

Need To Improve Productivity?

HE&M Saw is the leading manufacturer of integrated sawing systems that combine high accuracy bandsaws with material handling equipment. And with over 70 models of high quality American Made bandsaws, chances are we have the right saw for you. Drop us a quick line and let’s get started today!

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