Next Level Material Handling Tabling

The key to any bandsawing operation is giving operators control of all phases of the cutting process. This includes loading material safely, moving it through the bandsaw for cutting and off-loading final product. Our powered tables compliment the operation of each saw by integrating with the bandsaw controls to move material as effortlessly as possible, freeing up operators for the important work of making sure materials are being cut as accurately as possible.


4″ O.D. x .3125 wall DOM tubing with Stage 5 hardened ground and sealed bearings mounted on pillow blocks.


Powered tabling system on 12”centers to move the heaviest of material through saw.


Heavy duty DOM tubing rollers with Stage 5 hardened ground and sealed bearings powered in unison to smoothly move material.


Built for maximum weight, 6”O.D. x .500″ wall DOM tubing tight configuration rollers on heavy duty cast iron pillow blocks.

Worth Every Penny

There’s a lot more to our conveyors that just rollers and a table frame. Our conveyor systems are engineered to ensure the rollers move together with the timing of a swiss watch to move material smoothly down the line.

Need To Improve Productivity?

HE&M Saw is the leading manufacturer of integrated sawing systems that combine high accuracy bandsaws with material handling equipment. And with over 70 models of high quality American Made bandsaws, chances are we have the right saw for you. Drop us a quick line and let’s get started today!

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