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For over 50 years, HE&M Saw has built the best performing line of bandsaws in the Industry, with a focus on craftsmanship and delivering solutions that fit our customers’ needs. We are one of the few companies left that builds our saws in the USA, using the highest quality American made components and steel sourced from domestic suppliers. We believe manufacturing is important for America and our customers believe in us too.


The bandsaws in the section below are optimized for our Horizontal Sawing Systems that process steel at 90 degrees. These saws are engineered to Grip and Rip for maximum throughput.



In the late 1990s’ the HE&M WF-Series exploded onto the market with cut times that eclipsed cold saw methods for cutting I-beam, H-beam and other structural materials. Today, the HE&M WF-Series remains the class of the Industry eating steel and spitting chips at major steel fabrication facilities around the country. When equipped with clamping this saw is an unbelievable performer for processing bundles of square tubing. Pair these saws with an integrated HE&M material handling system to increase throughput and profitability of any steel cutting operation. Capacities range from (18-25″) high to (27-44″) wide.



HE&M Dual Column bandsaws are the finest heavy duty metal cutting saws on the market. Available in manual or automatic bar feed operation, these beasts accurately cut large billets of every type of metal and alloy and are found in the finest metal cutting operations around the country. Our DC saws range in capacity from (20″ – 80″) high to (20″ – 80″) wide.



Horizontal bandsaws have been mainstay of the HE&M Saw brand for over 50 years. In fact, it was the first saw type the company built. The next generation H-Series has a pedigree of performance in the top CNC machine shops, metal centers and cutting houses all over the country. The saws are engineered to simplicity and use the highest quality American made components and other off-the-shelf parts that you can get at your local suppliers. This bandsaw design is time proven with thousands of models put into operation, most of which are still working away, cutting every type of metal and alloy possible. Our Horizontal saws range in capacity from (12.75″ x 12.75″) to (20″ x 16″).


The bandsaws in the section below are optimized for our Miter Sawing Systems that process metals at angles up to 60 degrees. These saws are engineered to provide operations with the versatility to process angle cutting jobs for virtually every structural shape possible.



HE&M VT-Series bandsaws feature a 4 degree forward cant to improve performance for cutting structural materials. These saws feature the largest cant in it’s class, which helps stress-relieve structural shapes and allows the blade to address less material when the cut is initiated. The hallmark of HE&M vertical bandsaws is our time proven design featuring the motor and gearbox placed at the top of the saw and a heavy counterweight that increases the weight of the head to dampen vibration and increase blade life. V-Series saws come in a variety of capacities up to 25”W x 36” H.



HE&M WF-Series saws also feature a rotating base model that offers miter cutting up to 60 degrees. This is an impressive cutting machine that offers rigid dual column structural bandsawing with a capacity of 27″ high  x 44″ wide at 90 degrees, 27″ high  x 25″ wide at 45 degrees and 27″ high  x 16″ wide at 60 degrees,



When HE&M Saw unveiled it’s first Horizontal Miter bandsaw back in 2000, the goal was to provide a versatile single direction mitering saw with the rigidity and performance our customers expect. The HM-Series saws can be quickly set up for a variety of cuts up to 30 degrees off the datum line (60 degree cuts) in manual mode, while our automatic models can cut preset lengths accurately and consistently all day long. Capacities range from 16″ wide x 12.75″ high to 30″ wide x 20″ high.

Need To Improve Productivity?

HE&M Saw is the leading manufacturer of integrated sawing systems that combine high accuracy bandsaws with material handling equipment. And with over 70 models of high quality American Made bandsaws, chances are we have the right saw for you. Drop us a quick line and let’s get started today!

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